Win a Breville Smart Oven Air


By now we’ve pressed our reset button and have cut all ties with the over-indulgences from the holiday season. As we realistically go through our roster of lofty New Year’s resolutions, we edit this list and focus only on the most important and attainable goals. For most of us, health and diet are usually our top priorities. We start by purging our pantry of unhealthy foods and pulling out the plethora of one-trick pony appliances we’ll need to create wholesome meals. Equipping our homes with multifunctional appliances is the current wave and Breville is on top of this trend by creating smarter, efficient and multipurpose kitchen tools like the new Smart Oven Air! The Smart Oven Air is powered by Super Convection, an innovative technology which gives you two fan speeds and generates extreme air circulation inside the oven for fast, precise and even cooking.

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