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You see on a weekend while everyone else is making delicious plans to go eat at great places, the people who work in those great places are…working. When the weekend rush hits there is no time for dinner breaks and many times even water breaks. Servers and cooks work through the rush so that guests have a great time. At Loka our team is happy to do it. We have an amazing staff who really do care about their job and want guests to have a great time. But they can also go a long time without having time to eat and often forgetting to eat until very late at night.

It’s awesome that companies like Panago are making quality food a priority. This is a different kind of pizza joint. They make fresh dough in store daily (not frozen like other places), never use artificial colours and flavours and they even have organic juice. And just as Loka caters to people with food restrictions so does Panago. There are two recipes for vegan pizza or you can create your own and they have Gluten Smart options.

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